Bee Removal

When undergoing a bee removal, it’s important to keep kids, pets, and activity away from the area where the hive is located. Florida Bee Investigator offers both extraction and trap-out bee removal services.

Extractions involve cutting into the area where the bees are located and removing the bees as well as their byproducts. Trap-outs allow bees to leave their nest, but not to return. We place a swarm catcher box nearby to ensure that the bees have somewhere to go. 

We safely remove bees, honeycomb, and honey. We do so as humanely as possible and with as little disruption to the surrounding tree or structure.

We don’t just do cut outs. Trap outs might be more a more gradual process, but they allow all bees to safely evacuate and relocate. We don’t use poison or chemicals, and we fully remove all byproducts, so you won’t have to worry about cockroaches, maggots, or rats once the process is complete.

Once the bees have left, we seal up the old hive opening to prevent them from returning to their old hive. Keep your property—and the bees—safe with our humane bee removal services in Southwestern Florida.

General Bee Keeping

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Bee Sanctuary

Florida Bee Investigator truly cares about the bees. After we rescue bees, we take them to a bee sanctuary in Bradenton, Palmetto, or Sarasota. At these sanctuaries, we ensure that they are safe and able to grow into healthy and productive members of their hive.

Additionally, we work with a “Host a Hive” program that will allow us to place a hive in a local organic farm or garden. We take care of the bees and, and in return for hosting, we will provide the property owner with honey.

Save the bees and ensure that your home and garden are safe with our bee sanctuary transportation and hive adoption services here in Florida!

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